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Every creative environment has been intricately designed to Establish Trust, Cultivate Creativity, and Develop Leadership.  Our Creative Explorers receive a palatable schedule for discovering the arts, while our Creative Developers and Creative Mentors have the opportunity to choose their own major and minor subjects.  The combination of self-guidance, JAMS support, and instructor-led plans lead to a fulfilling experience.



House Davis, where the musicians and vocalists rock the house!

House Davis is named after the iconic Jazz musician, Miles Davis. He was a 20th Century American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and



As the next generation of musical greats, the students of House Davis continue his legacy by honoring the roots of jazz, gospel, and more. YOU are the sound of the future!



House Allen, where we honor a living legend, the Debbie Allen.

Mrs. Allen is an American actress, dancer, choreographer, television director, and television producer.


The students of House Allen strive every day to master creative expression. From their roots in African dance to the contemporary stage, they will be the next “Debbie Allens” of the world.



House Micheaux, home of the filmmakers and storytellers!

House Micheaux is named in honor of Oscar Micheaux, the African American author, film director, and independent producer of more than 44 films.


The student filmmakers, actors, poets, and performers of House Micheaux celebrate his legacy by continuing to tell their stories, their way, in their authentic voices.



House Savage, home of the visual artists!

House Savage is named in honor of Augusta Savage, an amazing sculptor and arts educator from the Harlem Renaissance who just happens to be a native of Green Cove Springs, FL.  


The students of House Savage continue her legacy by uplifting the visual arts at JAMS and in the Jacksonville community…or as we like to call it, JAMSONVILLE!

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TEAM JAX Taekwondo help participants boost in self-esteem, self-discipline/self-control, socialization skills, physical fitness, and overall activity level. The training covers traditional Korean Taekwondo principles, self-defense/combative, and Olympic sports competitions. Students learn to appreciate and respect the art form in its entirety.




The JAMS Tech Club is our newest instructional program.  Students gain valuable hands-on experience in programming, engineering, network systems and more.  Participates are given opportunities to earn computer technology certification through CompTIA that gives them immediate workforce job skills. 


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