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Equipping Young Adults for College and Career Success

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ArtWorks is a college and career exploration program designed to prepare teens with the skills, training, and real-world experience necessary to prepare them for life beyond high school. Eligible teens are high school students that desire mentorship and are interested in exploring a career in the creative economy, public/private business sector, or civic engagement.

The ArtWorks program provides a safe, non-judgmental space for teens to identify and explore their career interests/aptitudes and provides a supportive community of adults and peers. Teens may enter the program anytime between their sophomore and senior year and will be clearly set on a course towards either college or employment upon graduation from high school.



Master Class Days

ArtWorks invites professionals from the creative, public/private business, and civic engagement sectors to come to JAMS and talk with high school students about their specific industries and professional career pathways. Master Class Professionals represent careers that are connected to JAMS creative and leadership-focused courses. 


Group Tour Days

Creative, public/private, and civic engagement professionals invite ArtWorks students to come to their workplace. This glimpse of the environment, the people, and the activities there gives students a sense of workplace etiquette and an opportunity to get a broader understanding of the organization and the career sector. 


Shadow Days

Creative, public/private, and civic engagement professionals invite ArtWorks students to their workplace for an individual (half or full-day) work experience. Students will select the organizations they wish to visit based on their understanding and interests. 


Paid Externship

JAMS will fund externships with partner organizations lasting up to 6 weeks during the summer. Students must have already had one summer of employment at JAMS to be eligible for placement with your organization.


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