It all started with a dream to open an afterschool program for youth in the inner city Jacksonville, Florida to come and create.  Ted and Alexandra Stein felt one thing that was being lost in schools was creativity.  Fundamental skills were being taught in classrooms, but a skill that was being eroded in America was the art of problem-solving.  The best way for kids to learn how to problem solve is to foster their creative abilities.  If you look at every great school in the world, without exception they all have solid, thriving art programs, this is no coincidence.

The decision to service District 7 ( 32206) was an important and serious commitment to making.  Founders Alexandra & Ted Stein embraced the ideology of bridging the gap between school and home for JAMS students.  Providing a safe, and productive environment for students is our number one priority.  The ability to invest in the lives of our future leaders is priceless to the JAMS culture and the Jacksonville community.


"The creativity derived from the arts gives children the problem-solving skills they will need to tackle the problems of tomorrow."


Jacksonville Arts & Music School

3315 N. Liberty Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

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