Welcome to JAMS

Jacksonville Arts & Music School (JAMS) is a 17,000 square feet campus for the arts and leadership development.  Instructors inspire Jacksonville’s talented innercity youth and young professionals to become their wildest dreams.  Daily activities promote exploration into the world of creative thinking. 

Our Mission

To Empower the Creative Leaders of Tomorrow.

JAMS Life Way

As a JAMS Creator:

I will embrace each class, lesson, and assignment with passion.

I will think creatively in everything I do.

I will understand what I disagree with.

I will be kind, and respectful.


I know with hard work my creative potential is endless.

I know every day is a new opportunity to invest in my future.

I know my JAMS family believes in me and will help me reach my goals.


AND I KNOW My words have power, so let them create!


"If necessity is the mother of invention, then creativity is the tool for a new discovery.  By promoting creativity JAMS fosters the development of young minds into the genius that will enrich lives the world over."


– Ronnie Ferguson, Former Deputy Mayor, City of Jacksonville