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Akili Colson
Neriyah Israel
Charmaine Adams
Niveah Glover


As Creative Explorers, our elementary youth are introduced to the various mediums of arts education and social-emotional learning.  Explorers are taught early how-to problem-solve and express themselves through positive thinking and the use of creativity conduits.  Each Explorer has an opportunity to rotate between art forms such as visual arts, dance, music, beginning film studies, and creative writing throughout the academic year.  This ensures that our elementary participants have a firm understanding and appreciation of all art forms as they discover which works best for them.  


Creative Developers are our middle school pre-teens/teens.  As a Creative Developer, individuals are encouraged to choose a major and minor arts focus.  During this phase, students are shown how to hone-in their creative skills.  Then they're given numerous opportunities to gain real-life job experience by participating in professional-level dance recitals, curating and rendering artwork for art exhibits, serving as a crew member on live film sets, opening for renown musicians and vocalists, and more.



Creative Mentors are experienced in their learning and tasked to fine-tune their skills. At this point, our high-school participants are encouraged to plan and set goals toward more extensive endeavors.  These students, like our Explorers and Creative Students, are continuously learning and growing in the arts.  Additionally, they develop college and career-based paths for themselves with the help of a JAMS Creative Leadership.  They're also given the chance to share their knowledge with others as mentors



Our college and career professionals join us throughout the calendar year for master level training and internships.  The Jacksonville Arts & Music School partners with industry standard professionals to conduct training seminars conducive to growth within the creative community.  Our Creative Professionals often volunteer as assistant instructors to our campus Creative Leaders. 





Art camps are back!  Our five-week intensive art study is designed to introduce new recruits to our program while reinforcing yearly learning objectives for our existing Creative Explorers, Developers, and Mentors.  In addition to arts, participants gain knowledge in health and wellness, financial development and sustainability, self-enrichment, and more.  

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