Every creative environment has been intricately designed to Establish Trust, Cultivate Creativity, and Develop Leadership.  Our Creative Explorers receive a palatable schedule for discovering the arts, while our Creative Developers have the opportunity to choose their own major and minor subjects.  The combination of self-guidance, JAMS support, and instructor-led plans lead to a fulfilling experience.

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Music students pay homage to the late great Miles Davis, 20th Century American jazz trumpeter, band leader, and composer.


House Leader: Linnai West

JAMS offers students with extensive education in the theory of piano, rhythm/percussion, woodwind & brass, guitar, and vocal/performance.  We offer group and customized private lessons to meet each student's needs.  Our purpose is to inspire our students to grasp not only the foundational structure of music, but appeal to the deeper knowledge of writing/composition, and the creative curriculum.   

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Dancers honor a living legend, “The” Debbie Allen. Allen is an American actress, dancer, choreographer, television director, television producer, and a former member of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. 


House Leader: A'Kera Gates

JAMS is committed to expanding the outlook of Dance, the purposeful exploration of human movement.   We utilize every component available including understanding the foundational history of dance, year-round intensives in modern, hip hop, ballet, African, and tap.  It is our hope that each participant is inspired to let dance become the catalyst to creative movement and expression.     

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Visual arts students pay homage to the late Augusta Savage, African-American sculptor associated with the Harlem Renaissance. 



House Leader: Jayah Peoples

Students have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the Visual Arts in House Savage. Participants are encouraged to not only show their creativity through self-expression but enjoy the learning process to becoming better artists.  A variety of instructor-led activities develop each student collectively and on an individual basis. Numerous opportunities throughout the year are offered for participants to contribute to quarterly exhibits, and community events to display their amazing artwork.

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Film creators honor Oscar Micheaux, African-American author, film director and 

independent producer of more than 44 films.


House Leader: Ayvianna Singh

Everyone has a story.  The JAMS Film curriculum offers each student the opportunity to learn the power of capturing storytelling through young filmmakers' eyes. Students learn the technical aspects of filmmaking from instructors and collaborate with peers through short films, docuseries, personal film projects, and screen/scriptwriting.  JAMS storytellers create and shoot unique narratives for both realistic and fictional characters.  Each participant is assigned a fundamental role in the film development process.  Hands-on experience with digital video cameras and editing software enhances learning and real-time fieldwork with JAMS recorded events.   


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TEAM JAX Taekwondo help participants boost in self-esteem, self-discipline/self-control, socialization skills, physical fitness, and overall activity level. The training covers traditional Korean Taekwondo principles, self-defense/combative, and Olympic sports competitions. Students learn to appreciate and respect the art form in its entirety.



The JAMS Robotics program is the newest creative instruction to be introduced to our students.  Together with First Robotics and Renaissance Jax, the "JAMS BOTS TEAM" gain valuable hands-on experience in programming, engineering, and teamwork.  The team is given opportunities to test their skills and knowledge at local, regional, and state competitions with hopes of competing worldwide.  


"To explore the vast richness of the emotions of humanity is creativity.."

– JOHN LUMPKIN, RECORDING ARTIST – John Lumpkin & The Covenant