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Club Python

Welcome to the Club Python, where innovation and excitement collide! Get ready to dive into the world of robotics and coding as we explore the latest in technology, including DJI robots and drones. Unleash your creativity as you learn to program these cutting-edge devices, turning your ideas into reality. Join us on this thrilling journey of discovery and hands-on learning as we unlock the limitless potential of technology together!



Immerse in the DJI Robot Master S1 program to learn robot operations and programming. Master control and explore features through block-based programming for obstacle avoidance, computer vision, and autonomous movement.



During the DJI drone training students discover how to control drones, discover cool features like avoiding obstacles and using computer vision. Get ready to soar high and master the art of drone flying with us!



Ready to explore the coding world? Create games, apps, and websites with Python! Our interactive classes will unleash your creativity and empower you to build amazing projects like a true professional.

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