While giving and supporting JAMS is available year-round,  we invite you to attend our 2019 North Stars Gala. Our creative students are given the opportunity to showcase their mid-year progress – demonstrating the individual and collective results of participation with JAMS.  Parents, peers, and supporting partners alike all share in this epic evening of talent.

Every year our students pour out their creative hearts and souls at our Creative Liberty Talent Exhibit.  This event marks the conclusion of our school year programming.  We invite the community to the JAMS Creative Theatre for an evening of visual and performing art.  

Our creative students enjoy a five-week – nine-hour day art intensive that helps accelerate their learning throughout the summer.  The "Summer JAMS" event is a celebratory concert and day of fun-filled activities used to show our appreciation for their commitment to excellence over the summer.  


"JAMS provides students with an opportunity to bring their voices out of the shadows and into the spotlight, by exposing them to various forms of artistic expression."


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