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COPIC Markers

Chalk Pastels

Oil Pastels

Sketch Pencils

Water Color Paper
Construction Paper
Tissue Paper in assorted colors
White or off-white paper in all weights and sizes
8-1/2" x 11" reams of paper (all colors)
Small notepads (for flip books)
Elmer's glue & Glue Sticks
New white t-shirts of all sizes
Compressed Charcoal (med-hard)
Art drawing horses and easels
3-ring binders (white or black 1-1/2", white 2-1/2")
Table Easels
Electric pencil sharpeners (industrial)
Gum erasers & Knead erasers
Watercolor Paint
Drawing boards (masonite 8" x 24" or larger)
Aprons - child and adult
Water buckets
Small and large sponges
Gift cards to Blick Art Store
Stools - 14 to 18 inch in height
Pottery wheels - Brent or Laguna
Kilns - Electric or Gas
Plasti Bats 12 x 14
Nasco Pro-formance Brushes #10 and #12
Banding Wheels


1 Grand/Baby Grand Piano

4 Performance Keyboards

10 Midi Keyboards

4 Jazz Drum Kits

Sabian Cymbals

Remo Drum Heads

2 PA Systems

Shure Wireless Microphones

Music Stands

2 Saxophones

2 Trumpets

2 Trombones

2 Clarinets

1 Upright Bass (Full)

1 Upright Bass (Half)

2 Macbook Pros

4 iMac

Studio Speakers/Monitors

Pro Tools Software

Logic Pro X Software​



Costumes of any kind for men, women
Rolling wardrobe racks for costume storage and children
Costume jewelry and eyeglasses
Stage props
Lined writing composition books
3 x 5" index cards with no lines
Jumbo safety pins
Glue sticks
Scotch Tape
"Theatre Games for the Classroom," by
"Theatre Games" by Keith Johnstone
Children's plays collection book
Museum or photography magazines (i.e. National Geographic, Smithsonian)
Face paint
Blank CDs & DVDs
Crash Mats for tumbling
Portable high-quality speakers for iPod/MP3
Books/DVDs about dance
Wide masking tape
Cardstock paper Posterboard paper
Materials for making costumes (foam, paint, glitter, etc.)
Post-it Chart Paper

Panasonic GH5 DSLR Cameras

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Cameras

Neewer SL-60W LED Video Light White 5600K

Mac Pro Computer 

Dolly Tracks



2 Steadicams

Camera Lens

8 Camera Monitors

8 Tripods

8 Shoulder Rigs

2 DJI Gimbals

10 Reflector Stands

SD Cards

Chroma Key Screen

Chroma Key Paint


DJI Drones

Hi-Speed CPUs and Accessories

5TB-Above External Hard Drives

32GB-Above Thumb Drives

Computer Headphone/Mic (Gaming Style)

Other ways to help

Contact Us

For more information on giving opportunities, please contact

Meghan Quinn, Director of Individual Giving


Please make checks payable to Jacksonville Arts and Music School 

and send to:  JAMS

3315 N. Liberty Street

Jacksonville, FL 32206



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