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Build it and they will come. Build it right and they will stay.

Leadership Hall

We believe a dedicated area for JAMS' increasing population of high school students will help us give them the space to thrive while working towards their next steps, whether college or trade school. The area will include art residency studio spaces, think tank rooms, and an ACT/SAT prep room with a dedicated job/college counselor.

We are growing into new art mediums, such as printmaking, digital design, and photography. The additional space provided by this new wing will allow us to do so effectively. The area will feature an expanded tutoring area, including a new JAMS library. Dedicated social-emotional learning and leadership development classroom(s) will be crucial parts of the design layout. The renovations will give JAMS the ability to increase our student population to 150 students, providing unmatched youth development services in all aspects of the program.

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