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Do the Arts play a part in student's academic success?

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

The Arts, what exactly are ''The Arts''? And how do they contribute to the success of anyone practicing in them? More so the students of Jacksonville. What are arts actually good for? Are the arts something that can be helpful in times of academic distress?

There is a buzzing argument going around, about the arts and it’s value to student education. Some are even going to the extent of saying arts should be taken away from schools, so that students can focus closely on their academics. For some, arts are one of the only reasons they work hard in their daily math or civic's class. Some students connect arts and academics together, maybe they will create a quick jingle to help them remember their multiplication tables or The Constitution's Preamble. Either way, Arts have become something children use as a tool for more than just school work.

Thirteen-year-old Leticia Cosino is in her first year at Lavilla Middle School Of The Arts and she had this to say about her personal experience with an art form. ''Coming from Seattle, Washington there was not much Arts arou

nd. So, when I had my first introduction to music when I was four, I knew when I heard the first beat that it was something I enjoyed doing and being a part of.'' Talking to Cosino.L really gave me insight into another adolescent's point of view who has a different art area than myself. ''I have been associated with the arts for eight years, and through those years the Arts has let my mind stay open to new ideas. I use my mind for every note I sing or key I play on my keyboard, I know others feel the same.'' Cosino.L said.

Personally, I am very fond of the Arts even though I am quite terrible at a lot of different ones, I still respect it and the people who practice them. There was a journal written on this matter by Larson, Meredith A from Chapman University and Gibson, Marcia A in 2007. In this journal Gibson and Larson really dig deep into the study of visual arts and academic achievement. In the piece it says this ''Without the visual arts, students are not able to meet their full potential, because they are not exposed to special avenues of cognitive development and personal expression nurtured by the a

rts.'' I couldn’t have possibly said it better the arts allow children to use their minds in different cultural ways. Every song that's written, every monologue that’s rehearsed, every instrument that’s played, every poem performed, every dance choreographed is a step into a child's development and a step into them finding themselves and building confidence.

Arts mean different things to different individuals it could be a shy girl's voice or a scared teens safe haven. We really underestimate the power of the arts and the major effect they have on people. Brentwood Elementary teacher say's this ''Using classical music during class work helps students focus and on task!'' Every person has a talent whether it's in the arts or not. Arts nurture talent, arts are an overall help.

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