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Florida Blue believes in JAMS!

Jacksonville Arts & Music School awarded $200,000.00 Grant from the Florida Blue Foundation to Support JAMS Capital Campaign 2019-2020

Jacksonville, Fl – 9/13/2019 – Jacksonville Arts & Music School has announced a $200,000.00 grant from the Florida Blue Foundation to provide support towards Capital Campaign renovations (Phase 1) to repair exterior and interior areas of 9500 sq. ft. of unusable space. This is JAMS first official capital campaign launch.

“This grant will aid us in transforming the lives of our youth and urban core community. We anticipate children to be excited and not intimidated to make creative learning a natural behavior.” – Jason Peoples, Executive Director

About Jacksonville Arts & Music School

Jacksonville Arts & Music School is the premier creative source where students gain wisdom and self-confidence through a passionate commitment to arts education. Inspiring Jacksonville’s young creators to become the creative leaders of tomorrow is JAMS core solution to building better thinkers, and innovators. To learn more about JAMS, visit

About the Florida Blue Foundation

The Florida Blue Foundation focuses on their commitment to making a positive impact in the community is firmly rooted in our core company value to help people and communities achieve better health. Working in partnership with nonprofit organizations, the Florida Blue Foundation addresses critical issues in local communities, opening new windows of opportunity to better

enable our neighbors to reach their potential. To learn more about the Florida Blue Foundation, visit

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